I’m a writer, not a web designer, so I hope you won’t be too distracted by my use of templates. It’s been an interesting journey as I’ve transitioned my website onto this platform and if you’ve been trying to find me in the past couple of months, my apologies for being “under construction.”

Please take a look around the site, kick the tires, click on links and then come back and tell me what you think. What do you like? What would you like to see that isn’t here?

For those who use sites other than Amazon to purchase my books, I plan to have those links on the site as soon as I can master it. For now, please feel free to look me up on iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

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  1. Looking for the next Jake & Emma book after #5? I want to know what happens to Grace, Kristy & Matt, Emma & Jake. I appreciate your writing interesting books that have true mysteries & romance in them without graphic violence, sex & foul language. I also like that they are not too silly & zany like slapstick comedies of a book. So thank you for your work!

    1. So sorry I’m taking so long to reply. As you may have guessed, life got a little crazy for me last year. I have finally returned to the Jake and Emma Mystery series and book six, Murder is Forever, releases September 18, 2019. You can find it at all your favorite retailers.

      I appreciate your interest in my books. I too, love the more traditional cozy mysteries. It frustrates me when I’m reading and I find myself thinking “No one would ever really do that!” I try to think about what ordinary people might do when confronted with an extraordinary challenge.

      If you haven’t discovered my second series, the Caribou King Mysteries published by Cozy Cat Press, you might take a look at them while you’re waiting for Jake and Emma’s book release.

  2. I love your books. I can’t stop reading them and sadly I am on the last of my three book purchase. But I have Barnes and Noble in my phone. You have another fan. Pam Tucker

  3. I bought three of your books at the Flea Market this past September in Russell. It has been a long time since I have read a book I cannot put down and when they end I want more.

    1. That’s so sweet. I’m opening a small specialty bookshop in Russell in December (and I’ll have a booth at the Christmas Festival) so please stop by. I’ll have my books and signed copies of books by other writers whose books I enjoy.

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