Jake and Emma get a facelift

Life has been hectic this past year, both for me and for my accidental detectives! To celebrate my return to writing and the publication of book six, Murder is Forever, I’ve done a complete remodel of the series.

You’ll find new titles and new covers when you look at Jake and Emma now. You don’t have to buy the new versions – the stories inside haven’t changed – but let me give you a tour of the new series.

Murder is Just the Beginning – Formerly Too Cute to Kill

Murder on Main Street – Formerly Main Street Murder

Murder is Never Forgotten – Formerly Justice for Katie

Together these three books form the Casper Crime Boss Trilogy. These are not cliffhangers because the central mystery is resolved in each book, while some detective work still remains.

Murder Changes Everything – Formerly Death Changes Everything

Murder Casts the Ballot – Formerly Body on the Ballot

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